SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) reports that are available

This article points you to a report that lists the SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) reports available.

Reports can be defined simply as any visualization of a structured data set. This may include transactional data presented in a tabular layout and advanced graphical views of aggregate information. To account for this broad definition, the application offers several tools to produce reports to satisfy complex business requirements. One of these tools is SQL Server Reporting Services. SSRS reports provide the following advantages:

  • Back office document management capabilities including email support, scheduled executions via batches, and print archive functionality.
  • Parameterized views with drill-through navigation to application pages and other reports.
  • Used to produce precision documents for compliance with local regulatory business practices.

For more information, see Create reporting solutions.

To view the report

The SQL Server Reporting Services Reports report, included with the Technical reference reports, lists each SSRS report that is available. The report indicates the data set used for each report, as well as the filters and fields available on each report.