Alerts as business events

There are two kinds of alerts that can be configured by users. These are change-based alerts and due date alerts. For more information about the alerts functionality, see Alerts.

The change-based alerts and due date alerts can be configured to send out a business event as a mechanism to notify or trigger external applications or systems. This allows alerts to participate in advanced user notification scenarios and also in business process integration across systems.

To generate a business event from an alert, in the Create alert rule dialog box, set Alert me with > Send externally to Yes.

In order for alerts to be processed, the batch processes for change-based and/or due-date alerts should be set for batch processing for due-date events. For more information, see Batch processing for due-date events.

The business event for the change-based alert and/or the due date alert must also be active for the alert to be sent out as a business event. To learn more about the activation process, see Activating business events.

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