Consume external web services

You can consume web services by adding new class libraries. In Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012, you could consume web services from X++ code by adding Microsoft Visual Studio projects as a reference and by using Aif::CreateServiceClient. This scenario is supported, but the steps have changed. Application Integration Framework (AIF) is no longer supported.

The following steps show how to consume an external StockQuote service from X++.

Note that the web service URL in this sample is fictional. There is no known web service at To make this code work you will need to adapt it to your specific web service.

  1. Create a new Class Library project in Visual Studio, and name it ExternalServiceLibrary.csproj.

  2. In the Visual Studio project, add a service reference to the external web service:

  3. Create a new static class, and wrap the StockQuote service operation as shown in the following example.

    public static string GetQuote(string s)
        var binding = new System.ServiceModel.BasicHttpBinding();
        var endpointAddress = new EndpointAddress("");
        ServiceLibrary.QuoteReference.StockQuoteSoapClient client = new ServiceLibrary.QuoteReference.StockQuoteSoapClient(binding, endpointAddress);
        //GetQuote is the operation on the StockQuote service
        return client.GetQuote("MSFT");
  4. Build the project. The binary ExternalServiceLibrary.dll is created.

  5. Create a new Dynamics project in Visual Studio.

  6. Add ExternalServiceLibrary.dll as a reference.

  7. In the X++ class, you can use the external web services that were referenced in ExternalServiceLibrary.dll.

    public static void main(Args _args)