Custom service development

You can develop custom services for finance and operations. When a developer writes a custom service under a service group, the service group is always deployed on two endpoints:

  • SOAP endpoint
  • JSON endpoint

SOAP-based custom service

SOAP-based services remain the same as they were in Dynamics AX 2012.

Code examples for consuming custom services using SOAP are available in the Microsoft Dynamics AX Integration GitHub repository.

Key changes

  • All the service groups under the AOTService group node are automatically deployed.
  • All services that must be deployed must be part of a service group.

Example endpoint for a dev environment

Example endpoint for a non-dev environment


For more information about custom services, see:

JSON-based custom service

This feature enables X++ classes to be consumed as JSON services. In other words, the return data set is in JSON format. JSON, which stands for JavaScript Object Notation, is a compact, lightweight format that is commonly used communicate data between the client and the server.

The JSON Endpoint is at https://host_uri/api/services/service_group_name/service_group_service_name/operation_name.


Code examples for consuming JSON services are available in the Microsoft Dynamics AX Integration GitHub repository.

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