Configure one-box development environments

This article describes recommended configurations of your one-box developer environment.


  1. Start Visual Studio, and on the toolbar, click Dynamics 365 **> **Options.
  2. Expand the Microsoft Dynamics node, and then click Projects.
  3. Verify that the Organize projects by element type check box is selected, and click OK.
  4. To view the line numbers in your code editor, select Tools > Options > Text Editor > All Languages.
  5. Select the Line numbers check box.


For better performance of the X++ debugger, you might want to turn off IntelliTrace. IntelliTrace collects the complete execution history of an application. It is not supported for X++ debugging and causes performance issues in the IDE when debugging large packages like Application Suite. To turn off Intellitrace, click Options > IntelliTrace > Enable IntelliTrace, clear the check box, and then click OK. Note that Intellitrace is only available in the Enterprise version of Visual Studio.