Upload assets by using Azure Pipelines

You can automate the upload of assets to the Asset library in Microsoft Dynamics Lifecycle Services (LCS) by using the Dynamics Lifecycle Services (LCS) Asset Upload task in Azure DevOps. This task is available only in Releases pipelines.

This article assumes you have a working knowledge of Azure Pipelines.


Before you can add these steps to a pipeline, the Dynamics 365 finance and operations Tools extension for Azure DevOps must be enabled and installed in the Azure DevOps account. For more information about how to install an extension for an organization, see Install extensions.

Make sure that MSAL.PS is installed

Versions 1.* and later of the upload task require availability of the MSAL.PS PowerShell library. A task is available to automatically install the tools during pipeline execution. This task can be added anywhere in the stage before the upload task. For more information, see Add the MSAL.PS install task to a pipeline.

Add the task to a pipeline

To add the task to the build of your YML or Classic pipeline, search the task list for Dynamics Lifecycle Services (LCS) Asset Upload.

The following table describes the options that are available for this task.

Input name Mandatory Description
LCS Connection Yes Select or create a service connection to LCS. For more information, see Create an LCS connection in Azure Pipelines.
LCS Project ID Yes Enter the ID of the project in LCS that contains both the asset to deploy and the target environment. You can find the project ID at the end of the URL of your project's dashboard.
Type of asset Yes Select the type of asset to upload.
File to upload Yes Enter the path of the file that you want to upload into the Asset library in LCS.
LCS Asset Name No Enter the name to show for the asset in the Asset library. If you don't enter a name here, the file name will be used.
LCS Description No Enter the description to show for the asset in the asset details.
Wait for Validation No For asset types that require validation, use this check box to instruct the task to wait until validation of the asset has either succeeded or failed.