Set up the downloadable VHD for first use


This article applies to the virtual hard drive (VHD) that was released for versions 10.0.24 and later.

When you first sign in to the virtual machine, the Application Object Server will not be ready for use. A script needs to be run that will create self-signed certificates to be used on the virtual machine, and a customer-provided application registration ID for authentication. After successfully running the script, the environment will be ready for use.

Register a new application in Microsoft Entra ID

To register a new application in Microsoft Microsoft Entra ID, follow the steps outlined in Register app or web API. The new app registration should be for a web application, and the following redirect URIs should be added:


Once created, make note of the Application (client) ID.

Run the setup script

After you sign in with the localadmin account, right-click the desktop shortcut Generate Self-Signed Certificates, and select Run as administrator. When the script prompts for the application ID, provide the Application (client) ID created in Microsoft Entra ID.

When the script finishes, the environment is ready for use. At this time, you can run the Admin Provisioning tool to set the administrator account, permissions, and tenant. Make sure that the email provided is for the Microsoft Entra tenant in which the application registration was created.