New VC++ runtime requirement for cloud-hosted environments and VHD images running version 10.0.36 or later

This article describes the new prerequisite for cloud-hosted environments or VHD images that run version 10.0.36 or later.

Update cloud-hosted environments to the latest VC++ runtime

As of version 10.0.36, an updated Microsoft Visual C++ (VC++) runtime must be installed in developer cloud-hosted environments (also known as OneBox environments) or VHD images as a prerequisite for new service updates. This new runtime is automatically installed in all newly deployed cloud-hosted environments. However, existing environments and VHD images require manual installation. To download the new runtime, go to VC++ runtime download.


After you install the new VC++ runtime, you must restart the machine before you apply the service update. Otherwise, the service update isn't successfully installed.

Frequently asked questions

Can I update the VC++ runtime in cloud-hosted environments that currently run versions earlier than 10.0.36?

Yes. You can safely apply the new VC++ runtime to any pre-existing environment or VHD image that doesn't yet run version 10.0.36. We recommend that you apply the update before you apply the version 10.0.36 or later service update.

Do I have to install this component for every new cloud-hosted environment that I provision?

No. By default, the updated VC++ runtime is installed in all newly provisioned environments.

Do I have to install this component on the VHD Image?

Yes. The VHD image downloads, through Dynamics 365 version 10.0.32, don't have this VC++ runtime installed.

Are any other actions required after the VC++ runtime update is installed?

Yes. You must restart the virtual machine before the update takes effect.