SysTestRow attribute for testing multiple values

Sometimes, tests must test multiple input values for the same feature. To make troubleshooting and reporting easier, you should avoid testing multiple things in the same test method. Instead of creating multiple methods, you can use the SysTestRow attribute that the SysTest framework now supports. This attribute works like the DataRow attribute in C#.


The SysTestRow attribute is available in version 10.0.25 and later.

SysTestRow example

In this example, you have a method that squares a number.

public class MyMath
    public static int square(int _i)
        return _i * _i;

You want to test this method by using a few different numbers. Among these numbers, you want to include special cases that should work. Therefore, you write the following test method that uses the SysTestRow attribute to test multiple values in the same method.

public class MathTests extends SysTestCase
    SysTestRow(-1, 1),
    SysTestRow(4, 16),
    SysTestRow(-4, 16)]
    public void SquareTests(int _value, int _result)
        int testResult = MyMath::square(_value);

        this.assertEquals(_result, testResult);

Microsoft Visual Studio shows each test row as a separate numbered result.

  • SquareTests#1
  • SquareTests#2
  • SquareTests#3
  • SquareTests#4
  • SquareTests#5


Any SysTestRow attribute can be replaced with the SysTestRowInactive attribute. In this case, Visual Studio shows the test row as a disabled test.