Visual Studio add-ins that support form patterns

The tools for Visual Studio include a number of add-ins that support pattern usage.

Form statistics add-in

The Form statistics add-in provides a summary of the pattern usage for forms. When you access the Form statistics add-in from the Dynamics 365 menu, it displays statistics for all forms. When you access the add-in from the shortcut menu for a form that is open in the form designer, it displays statistics for that form only.

Form statistics report.

Forms Pattern report

The Form Patterns report provides pattern information about every form, including whether the form uses a top-level form pattern, is a custom form, or is not specifying a form pattern. To generate the Form Patterns report, start Microsoft Visual Studio, click the DYNAMICS 365 menu, expand Add-ins, and then click Run the form patterns report. The process will take several seconds. After the report has been generated, a dialog box will provide the location of the report. Browse to the specified location, and open the file in Microsoft Excel. You can then filter the report down to the models that interest you.

For more information about Visual Studio add-ins, see Tools add-ins for Visual Studio.