Overview of Copilot capabilities in finance and operations apps

Copilot gives users access to AI capabilities that augment the application experiences and functionality of finance and operations apps.

Copilot brings a growing set of skills that help users complete various tasks. It can appear in many different user experiences. Here are some examples:

  • Sidecar – Copilot sits alongside the application as a sidecar and provides conversational support to the user. The sidecar is the primary Copilot interface in finance and operations apps. It provides a natural language chat experience that helps users work with application functionality and data. For example, the generative help and guidance with Copilot (preview) feature is provided as a sidecar.
  • Embedded – These Copilot features add intelligent capabilities to the application itself. In this way, they bring AI to the center of the application experience. For example, in the Confirmed purchase orders with changes workspace, AI capabilities that are built into the page help users understand and react to changes in confirmed purchase orders.
  • Outside – External agents help orchestrate across different apps and tasks. For example, users can use Copilot to ask questions about finance and operations data. For more information, see FAQ for finance and operations data on Microsoft 365 Copilot.

Responsible AI

Microsoft is committed to applying responsible AI practices with Copilot. We ensure user privacy through stringent data protection measures and oversee content generation to maintain relevance and safety.

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