Correct a free text invoice

This article explains how to correct a free text invoice that has been posted and reissue it as a corrected invoice.

To correct a free text invoice that has already been posted:

  1. Open the posted free text invoice.
  2. On the Invoice page, select Cancel, and then select Correct invoice.
  3. Select a reason code, add comments, and select the date for new corrected invoice.
  4. You can modify the corrected invoice, and post it.

When you post the corrected invoice, a canceling invoice is created for a credit amount that equals the original invoice amount. Therefore, the combined balance of the original invoice and the canceling invoice is 0 (zero). The canceling invoice is settled against the original invoice.

After you post the corrected invoice, you will have three invoices:

  • Original invoice – The invoice that includes the information that you're correcting.
  • Canceling invoice – The system-generated credit invoice that was created to cancel the invoice that was most recently corrected.
  • Corrected invoice – The invoice that contains the corrected invoice information.

You can identify canceling and correcting invoices in two ways:

  • The All free text invoices page includes a Correction column, where you can see which invoices are canceling invoices and corrected invoices.
  • The header of the free text invoice shows a status of Cancelling invoice '[invoice number]' or Corrected invoice '[invoice number]'.


This feature is available only if the Free text invoice correction configuration key is selected. For more information on how to enable Configuration keys refer to the Enable (or disable) configuration keys section in the Maintenance mode article.