Customer workflow

The customer workflow has been added to version 8.0.4. You can change specific fields for a customer and then send those changes for approval by using the workflow before they are added to the customer.

Set up the customer workflow

Before you can use the customer workflow feature, you must enable it.

  1. Go to Accounts receivable > Setup > Accounts receivable parameters.

  2. On the General tab, on the Customer approval FastTab, set the Enable customer approvals option to Yes to enable the feature.

  3. In the Data entity behavior field, select the behavior that the data entities should use when data is imported:

    • Allow changes without approval – An entity can update the customer record without processing it through the workflow.
    • Reject changes – Changes can't be made to the customer record. The import will fail for the fields that are enabled for the workflow.
    • Create change proposals – All fields will be changed except the fields that are enabled for the workflow. The new values for those fields will be added to the customer as proposed changes, and the workflow will be started automatically.
  4. In the list of customer fields, select then Enable check box for every field that must be approved before the changes can be made.

  5. Go to Accounts receivable > Setup > Accounts receivable workflows.

  6. Select New.

  7. Select Proposed customer change workflow.

  8. Set up the workflow so that it matches your approval process. The Workflow approval for proposed customer change workflow approval element will apply the changes to the customer.

Change customer information and submit the changes to the workflow

When you change a field that is enabled for the workflow, the Proposed changes page appears. This page shows the original value of the field and the new value that you entered. The field that you changed is reverted to its original value. A status message on the page informs you that your changes haven't been submitted.

Every time that you change a field that is enabled for the workflow, that field is added to the list of proposed changes. To discard the proposed value for a field, use the Discard button next to the field in the list. To discard all changes, use the Discard all change button at the bottom of the page. Select OK to close the page.

After you have at least one proposed change, two additional menus appear on the Action Pane: Proposed changes and Workflow.

  1. Select Proposed changes to open the Proposed changes page and review your changes.

  2. Select Workflow > Submit to submit the changes to the workflow.

    The status on the page is changed to Changes pending approval.

The workflow follows the standard workflow process in the application. The approver is directed to the Customer page where the changes can be reviewed on the Proposed changes page and then select Workflow > Approve to approve the workflow. After all approvals are completed, the fields are updated with the values that you proposed.