Fixed asset management workspace

The Fixed asset management workspace shows information that is related to fixed assets that are entered in the system. This workspace includes a summary view and an analytics view. The My work tab shows summary tiles, fixed asset details, and related information about fixed assets in the current company. You can also add analytics to the Power BI analytics section directly in the workspace. The Analytics – all companies tab uses capabilities of Microsoft Power BI to show visuals that are related to fixed assets in all companies.

My work


The tiles in the Summary section give an overview of your fixed assets. The information includes metrics about assets that aren't yet acquired, assets that have been acquired during the current year, and assets that have been disposed of during the current year. The Summary section also has quick navigation to the Fixed asset list page, batch depreciation proposal, and fixed asset journal.

Find fixed assets

The Find fixed assets section lets you quickly search for assets by providing the fixed asset number, group, name, location, or person who is responsible. All assets that match the search criteria will appear in the list.

From the list, you can view the following pages:

  • Details page for the fixed asset
  • Books page for all books that are associated with the fixed asset
  • Fixed asset valuations page


The Fixed asset valuations page lets you see, on one page, the most important information about a fixed asset, and also details for all books that are associated with the fixed asset. The Balances option at the upper left of the page shows the current valuation for each book that is associated with the fixed asset. You can drill back from the values to see the detailed transactions that make up the summary value. The Profile option at the upper left of the page shows the depreciation schedule for each book that is associated with the fixed asset.

You can access the Fixed asset valuations page from the Fixed asset management workspace or the Fixed asset list page.

You can navigate directly to the Books setup page, Fixed asset transactions inquiry page, and several reports by using the links in the Related information section of the workspace.

Analytics – all companies

The Analytics page provides important metrics about fixed assets in all legal entities in the system. Access to this tab is controlled by the View fixed asset analytics for all company's security privileges.

The following table shows the visualizations that are available on each report page.

Report page Visualization
Fixed asset valuations Total net book value
Fixed asset valuations Net book values by fixed asset group
Fixed asset valuations Acquisition values
Fixed asset valuations Disposal values
Fixed asset valuations Fixed asset details
Valuations maps Total net book value
Valuations maps Fixed asset locations
Valuations maps Fixed asset details

To view the analytics with data, you must first refresh the AssetTransactionMeasure aggregate measurement on the Entity Store page.