Set up company bank accounts for ISO20022 credit transfers

This article explains how to set up company-specific bank account information that's required to generate payment files. You set up information required to generate ISO 20022 credit transfer format but depending on the format, there might be other information required. This could include the Company ID or the Sort code.

Set up IBAN and SWIFT code

  1. Go to Cash and bank management > Bank accounts.
  2. Use the Quick Filter to filter on the Bank account field.
  3. Select and double-click a record to open the bank account details.
  4. Select Edit.
  5. In the Additional identification section, enter a value in the IBAN field.
  6. In the SWIFT code field, enter a value. A SWIFT\BIC isn't required for many payment formats, however we recommend that it's registered for a bank account.
  7. Select Save.
  1. Go to Organization administration > Organizations > Legal entities and then select Edit.
  2. In the Bank account information section, in the Bank account field, enter or select a value.
  3. Select Save.