RCS enhanced filtering options for finding configurations in the RCS/Global repository

This article describes enhanced filtering capabilities for Regulatory Configuration Services (RCS) Global repository, which have been improved to include the ability to filter with the following criteria:

  • Country/region - Based on ISO country codes
  • Tags types for:
    • Functional area
    • Feature area
    • Industry
    • Business document

To make it easier to discover specific or related configurations you can apply filters, either individually or as a group. For example, to find a single type of 'configurable business documents that are related to vendor invoices, you could apply a Business document type filter to search for that type of document.

Filter section for Global repository.

You can further refine the search by selecting document type, for example 'vendor invoice' and clicking Apply filter. The following example shows the results when filtering on Business document type with the document type added.

Applied filter and Import for business document type.

Filtered results can be imported into a users RCS repository or a Dynamics 365 Finance environment, either individually or as a set. To do this, select the group of configurations, and click Import.