Security roles in the public sector

This article describes the functionality for public sector security roles. This functionality includes the Project manager and Purchasing agent roles for the public sector.

All users must be assigned to at least one security role to have access to Dynamics 365 Finance. Security roles determine which duties users can perform and which parts of the user interface they can view.

What are the prerequisites for assigning security roles in the public sector?

Users must exist in Finance before you can assign them to roles. Even if you use automatic role assignment, users themselves aren't automatically added.

Which roles do I have to assign?

After users are in the system, there are two roles that you might have to set up for public sector organizations:

  • Project manager
  • Purchasing agent

What is the Project manager - Public sector role?

The Project manager - Public Sector security role supports the public sector extensions for Project management. Assign this role in addition to the Project manager role to give project managers access to project management functionality. By default, this security role is assigned the following duties.

Duty name Duty AOT name Duty description
Inquire into purchase order to invoice progress for public sector PurchOrderToInvoiceProgressInquire_PSN Respond to inquiries about the status of the purchase order–to–invoice process.

What is the Purchasing agent - Public sector role?

The Purchasing agent - Public Sector security role supports the public sector extensions for Project management. Assign this role in addition to the Purchasing agent role to give purchasing agents access to purchasing functionality. By default, this security role is assigned the following duties.

Duty name Duty AOT name Duty description
Maintain purchase agreement master AgreementPurchaseAgreementMasterMaintain Maintain the details of purchase agreements.
Configure AIF synchronization AifSyncConfigure Specify filters on ports.
Inquire into purchasing case progress CasePurchasingCaseProgressInquire Respond to inquiries about the status of purchasing cases.
Maintain catalogs CatProcurementCatalogMasterMaintain Maintain all types of catalogs.
Maintain all category hierarchy details EcoResCategoryMasterMaintain Maintain categories.
Inquire into products definition master EcoResProductDefinitionMasterInquire Respond to inquiries about master data for product definitions.
Inquire into product builder configuration data PBAProductBuilderConfigStatusInquire Open and review product builder configurations.
Maintain product builder configuration PBAProductBuilderConfigurationMaintain Edit and update product builder configurations.
Maintain product configuration PCProductConfigConfigurationMaintain Maintain a constraint-based configuration for product configuration models.
Inquire into product configuration PCProductConfigConfigurationStatInquir Respond to inquiries about configuration master data for constraint-based product configuration models.
Maintain purchase setup print management settings PrintMgmtPurchaseSettingsMaintain Maintain print management settings for purchase setups.
Maintain purchase document print management settings PrintMgmtPurchDocumentSettingsMaintain Maintain print management settings for purchase documents.
Inquire into purchasing policies ProcPurchasingProcessInquire Respond to inquiries about policies that govern the purchasing process.
Inquire into purchasing policies for public sector ProcPurchasingProcessInquire_PSN Respond to inquiries about public sector policies that govern the purchasing process.
Approve purchase agreement PurchaseAgreementWFMaintain Review and approve purchase agreements in a workflow.
Maintain purchase orders PurchOrderMaintain Document and record purchase orders.
Maintain purchase requisition consolidation PurchReqConsolidationMaintain Maintain the purchase requisition consolidation process.
Maintain creation of purchase orders from purchase requisitions PurchReqOrderFromRequisitionMaintain Release purchase orders from purchase requisitions.
Approve purchase requisitions PurchReqPurchaseRequisitionApprove Approve and authorize purchase requisitions.
Maintain all purchase requisitions PurchReqPurchaseRequisitionMaintainAll Edit and update purchase requisitions.
View purchase requisitions on hold PurchReqTableView Open and review purchase requisitions that are on hold.
Maintain request for quotation questionnaire PurchRFQQuestionnaireMaintain Edit and update request for quotation (RFQ) questionnaires.
Maintain request for quotation PurchRFQRequestForQuoteMaintain Edit and update RFQs.
Maintain request for quotation replies PurchRFQRequestForQuoteReplyMaintain Edit and update RFQ replies.
Maintain sealed bids PurchRFQSealedBids Edit and update sealed bids.
Inquire about payment status for vendor invoices VendInvoice4paymentStatusInquire_RU Respond to inquiries about the payment status for vendor invoices.
Maintain vendor invoices for payment VendInvoice4PaymMaintain_RU Edit and update vendor invoices for payment.
Maintain prospective vendor master VendProspectiveVendorMasterMaintain Edit and update the prospective vendor master.
Maintain employee-initiated vendor requests VendRequestEmployeeVendorRequestMaintain Document and record employee-initiated vendor requests.
Inquire into vendor-initiated request status VendRequestVendorInitiateRequestInquire Respond to inquiries about the status on vendor-initiated requests.
Inquire into unsolicited vendor master VendUnsolicitedVendorMasterInquire Respond to inquiries about unsolicited vendor master data.
Maintain vendor user requests VendUserRequestMaintain Maintain and submit vendor user requests.
Maintain vendor master VendVendorMasterMaintain Edit and update the vendor master.
Maintain vendor questionnaires VendVendorQuestionnaireMaintain Create and update vendor questionnaire information.
Inquire into workflow performance WorkflowViewWorkflowPerf View reports about the performance of workflows.

What do I do next?

After the users are created, you assign them to roles on the Assign users to roles page.

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