Learning resources for implementers of Dynamics 365 solutions

Microsoft provides self-service learning opportunities for Dynamics 365. This article points out some of the material.

The Microsoft FastTrack service is intended to ease your project implementation by offering guidance on best practices and answering your how-to questions from Microsoft engineering resources, who are committed to making your experience with Dynamics 365 a great success.

Dynamics 365 Implementation Guide

Based on the experience gained from thousands of real-world customer projects, the Dynamics 365 Implementation Guide represents the collective effort of the FastTrack Solution Architect team to document the time-tested Success by Design framework. The guide includes topic-specific reviews and prescriptive guidance (approaches and recommended practices) that will enable customers and partners to successfully architect, build, test, and deploy Dynamics 365 solutions.

The guide covers the entire Dynamics 365 implementation lifecycle while addressing the mindset, questions, resources, and tools necessary for driving successful Dynamics 365 projects. It contains checklists and case studies for practical application throughout the implementation journey.

Get started with the implementation guide here, optionally download the guide, and get started with your Dynamics 365 implementation.


Microsoft hosts free online training on the Microsoft Learn site. For implementors, the training supports the following tasks:

  • Learn the benefits of being a part of FastTrack.
  • Discover the engagement level from the Microsoft team.
  • Learn about Dynamics 365 Success by Design.

The following table lists some of the learning paths that can help you drive successful implementations of Dynamics 365 solutions.

Learning path Description
Use Success by Design for Dynamics 365 solutions FastTrack for Dynamics 365 is designed to help customers and partners achieve a successful deployment of Dynamics 365 solutions. To deliver this service, solution architects should use Success by Design. This learning path discusses Success by Design concepts.
Architect solutions for Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Power Platform A Solution Architect is responsible for the successful design, implementation, deployment, and adoption of an overall solution. A Solution Architect ensures that the solution meets the customer’s needs now and in the future.
Dynamics 365 solution architecture best practices This learning path helps customer/partner solution architects to adopt the best practices and avoid common pitfalls during the implementation.
Implement finance and operations apps Learn the most important elements and the best practices to implement finance and operations apps successfully. From the first step where you are planning and designing your project methodology, the use of FastTrack services, the development strategy, data management and more, to the best ways for maintaining and monitoring your operations after Go-live.

Find a full list of Dynamics 365 learning paths at Microsoft Learn training for Dynamics 365.


TechTalks focus on empowering customers and partners by providing technical depth and best practices that are specific to the subject areas covered. These talks often provide an overview of available tooling and features. TechTalks are delivered in the form of live webcasts that include a question and answer (Q&A) session at the end. They can also be accessed on-demand and are publicly available. To view all TechTalks and sign up for future talks, see Microsoft Dynamics 365 FastTrack Tech Talks.

TechTalks provide a basic understanding that will increase the value and efficiency of the workshops that are offered. The FastTrack team will guide you to relevant TechTalks that will help you prepare for specific workshops. For a complete inventory of all recorded TechTalks that are available to stream or download, see FastTrack TechTalks.


The FastTrack community provides a platform where customers and partners can post questions and get answers from FastTrack solution architects about best practices and guidance. A full list of the Dynamics 365 forums can be found at Microsoft Dynamics 365 Community.

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