What is FastTrack for Dynamics 365?

Welcome to Microsoft FastTrack for Dynamics 365, our customer success service designed to help your customers implement and go live so they can realize business value faster. It is an onboarding program run by the product engineering team that offers best practices, tools, resources, and expert advice. Your customer will gain valuable insights with solution implementation, onboarding, and continued education.

FastTrack for Dynamics 365 represents our strong commitment to fostering the business success of our customers. When participating in the FastTrack program, customers will receive ongoing guidance on best practices and how to plan for successful rollouts. FastTrack program participants will receive emails with implementation guidance and communications about their active FastTrack engagement. In addition to proactive guidance and ongoing workshops, FastTrack customers will also learn ways to enable new users and expand capabilities—all at their own pace.

What to expect when working with FastTrack

The FastTrack solution architects have a unique role in a customer implementation. Even though we have no formal role on the project and we don’t design or develop a solution for the customer, we are committed to the success of the program and the timely onboarding of users. Success by Design is our delivery framework for FastTrack customers. It provides a structure for the FastTrack solution architects to effectively engage with customers and partners in a timely and consistent manner to help them successfully onboard onto our Dynamics 365 platform.

Timely engagement

Success by Design enables the FastTrack solution architects to engage with project teams through a set of strategic workshops that are aligned to key project stages with clear goals, actions, and deliverables. The workshops are essentially alignment exercises that allow the solution architects to assess whether best practices are being followed, and to identify and highlight issues or potential risks that could derail the program. Timely engagement with the solution architects through workshops ensures that Microsoft experts have an opportunity to provide input into your architectural design decisions, helping you align with product direction and best practices for performance and scalability.

Information sharing

The project team, including the customer and partners, should provide the information needed to run the workshops and keep us updated on any design changes that the FastTrack solution architect needs to review. The quality and depth of the information will directly impact the recommendations from the FastTrack solution architect. The more engaged and open the team is to sharing information with the FastTrack solution architect, the more value we deliver in return.

Time investment

Running the workshops with the FastTrack solution architect will require a time investment from the project team, based on the complexity and number of apps being deployed. This can vary from project to project. Fundamentally, time spent with FastTrack on workshops should not be perceived as an additional overhead but really as an opportunity to revisit your decisions with a stakeholder from the product team who can help identify potential risks and issues. FastTrack engagements help save time and effort in the long term and greatly improve your chances of success and adoption.

Communication, feedback, and survey

When working with FastTrack, you can expect:

  • Email communications, conference calls, and in-person sessions with the product group.
  • Feedback surveys on the product, and your experiences and interest in new capabilities.  
  • Invitations to exclusive product group events, advisory boards, and table talks with product managers.
  • Executive engagement opportunities with senior product and engineering leaders at Microsoft.
  • Requests for joining our reference program to share your success story and experiences with other customers and analysts.

For questions regarding FastTrack, please reach out to your partner or Microsoft account team.

Implementation portal

In 2023, Dynamics 365 Implementation Portal gets richer functionality to help you manage implementation projects. Learn more at Dynamics 365 Implementation Portal.

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