Configure batch-based business events


The functionality noted in this article is currently available for customers on the stand-alone Dynamics 365 Human Resources. Some or all of the functionality will be available as part of a future release on the Finance infrastructure after Finance release 10.0.25.

Customers can configure business events to run in a batch. This capability gives customers an easy way to configure and set up business events that are linked to a point in time. Business events that are available to run in a batch can be found at Human resources shared parameters > Business events.


Here are some examples of Human Resources business events that can run in a batch:

  • Employee start date is approaching
  • Course due soon
  • Certificate overdue
  • Position transition date is approaching

Configure business events to run in a batch

  1. Go to the business event catalog.
  2. Select the endpoints of the business events.
  3. Select Activate to activate the business events.
  4. On the Human Resources shared parameters page, select Business events.
  5. In the Days field, enter the batch job recurrence in days.
  6. Select Create batch jobs, and then select OK.

If you select Set default values, all the values are reset.