What's new or changed in Dynamics 365 Human Resources 10.0.33 (April 2023)


Some or all of the functionality noted in this article is available as part of a preview release. The content and the functionality are subject to change. For more information about preview releases, see One version service updates FAQ.

This article lists features that are new or changed for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources version 10.0.33. This version has a build number of 10.0.1549 and is available on the following schedule:

  • Preview of release: March 2023
  • General availability of release (self-update): April 2023
  • General availability of release (auto-update): May 2023

Features included in this release

The following table lists the features that are included in this release. We might update this article to include features that made it into the build after this article was initially published.

Feature name Overview Release status
Emergency contact visibility to managers This feature enables managers to easily access emergency contact information for direct and extended reports. Preview
Human Resources business events

Business events help bring awareness about actions that are required in response to critical business data triggers, and they help manage responses more efficiently. The following business events have been added to the business events catalog under the Human Resources category:

  • Personnel actions (position change)
  • Hire actions
  • Task assignment
  • Leave request assigned
  • Leave request complete
  • Leave of absence return
  • Time off cancelled
  • Course assignment
  • Course completion
  • Goal assignment

Feature enhancements included in this release

The following table lists the feature enhancements that are included in this release. Each of these enhancements provides an incremental improvement to an existing feature. Because they are only enhancements, they aren't listed in the release plan.

Feature name More information
Entity templates The following entity templates have been added: Personnel actions, Personnel management setup, and Worker data migration. For more information, see Data entities and templates.
Course enhancements This feature simplifies the process for creating, managing, and tracking courses in the Learning module. The course layout has been redesigned and reorganized to enable easy course creation and mass assignment of participants. Support for virtual courses has been added. Other functionality has been added to support additional scenarios for courses. In Employee self service, employees get an improved view of their courses. In Manager self service, managers get an overview of courses that are assigned to their employees.

Entities and entity templates added in this release

Multiple Data management framework (DMF) entities and data entity templates for Human Resources were added in this release. For more information, see Human Resources data entities and templates.

Additional resources

Platform updates for finance and operations apps

Dynamics 365 Human Resources version 10.0.32 includes platform updates. To learn more, see Platform updates for version 10.0.33 of finance and operations apps.

Bug fixes

For information about the bug fixes included in this update, sign in to Microsoft Dynamics Lifecycle Services and view the KB article.