Dataverse tables

Applies to these Dynamics 365 apps:
Human Resources

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources uses Dataverse to enable extensibility and integration scenarios.


Human Resources entities correspond to Dataverse tables. For more information about Dataverse (formerly Common Data Service) and terminology updates, see What is Microsoft Dataverse?

The following Dataverse tables are available based on Human Resources entities.

For more information about the known issues, see Issue search in Lifecycle Services (LCS).

Benefit tables

Name Table Known issues Status
Benefit Calculation Frequency cdm_benefitcalculationfrequency
Benefit Calculation Frequency Pay Period cdm_benefitcalculationfrequencypayperiod
Benefit Calculation Rate cdm_benefitcalculationrate
Benefit Calculation Rate Detail cdm_benefitcalculationratedetail 753225 Resolved
Benefit Option cdm_benefitoption
Benefit Plan cdm_benefitplan (Not enabled for custom field support)
Benefit Type cdm_benefittype

Business process tasks tables

Name Table Known issues Status
Business Process Calendar cdm_businessprocesscalendar 751867 Resolved
Business Process Group Assignment cdm_businessprocessgroupassignment 751869 751863 Active
Business Process Library Task Group cdm_businessprocesslibrarytaskgroup 751866 Closed
Business Process Stage cdm_businessprocessstage
Checklist Template Header cdm_businessprocesstemplateheader
Checklist Template Task cdm_businessprocesstemplatetask

Compensation tables

Name Table Known issues Status
Compensation Fixed Plan cdm_compensationfixedplan 754453 Closed
Compensation Grid cdm_compensationgrid
Compensation Level cdm_compensationlevel
Compensation Pay Frequency cdm_compensationpayfrequency
Compensation Reference Point Setup cdm_compensationreferencepointsetup
Compensation Reference Point Setup Line cdm_compensationreferencepointsetupline
Compensation Region cdm_compensationregion
Compensation Structure cdm_compensationstructure 754456 Closed
Compensation Variable Plan cdm_compensationvariableplan
Compensation Variable Plan Level cdm_compensationvariableplanlevel
Compensation Variable Plan Type cdm_compensationvariableplantype
Fixed Compensation Event cdm_fixedcompensationevent
Vesting Rule cdm_vestingrule
Worker Fixed Compensation cdm_workerfixedcompensation

Organization tables

Name Table Known issues Status
Department cdm_department 752194 Closed
Employment cdm_employment 762414 Closed
Company cdm_company
Job cdm_job
Job Function cdm_jobfunction
Job Position cdm_jobposition 752214 Closed
Position Type cdm_positiontype
Position Worker Assignment cdm_positionworkerassignmentmap 752224 Closed
Job Position Dimension cdm_jobpositiondimension
Job Type cdm_jobtype
Language cdm_language
Title cdm_title


Financial dimensions for Position Type, Position Worker Assignment, and Employment provide one-direction integration to Dataverse. Financial dimensions updates currently can't synchronize from Dataverse to Human Resources.

Leave and absence tables

Name Table Known issues Status
Leave Bank Transaction cdm_leavebanktransaction 752252 Resolved
Leave Enrollment cdm_leaveenrollment 752934 Closed
Leave Plan cdm_leaveplan 752232 Closed
Leave Request cdm_leaverequest 753207 Closed
Leave Request Detail cdm_leaverequestdetail 753207 Closed
Leave Type cdm_leavetype
Leave Type Reason Code cdm_leavetypereasoncode


The dual-write integration using Dataverse tables for Leave and absence is only available when the Configure multiple leave types on a single leave plan feature is enabled in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance using Feature management.

Payroll tables

Name Table Known issues Status
Pay Cycle cdm_paycycle
Pay Period cdm_payperiod
Payroll Earning Code cdm_payrollearningcode 754458 Closed
Bank Account Disbursement cdm_bankaccountdisbursement 751904 Closed
Tax Region cdm_taxregion

Worker tables

Name Table Known issues Status
Worker cdm_worker 751906 Closed
Worker Address cdm_workeraddress 754465 Closed
Worker Personal Detail cdm_workerpersonaldetail 751906 Closed
Worker Person Identification Number cdm_workerpersonidentificationnumber 766704 Closed
Worker Person Identification Type cdm_workerpersonidentificationtype
Work Calendar cdm_workcalendar
Work Calendar Day cdm_workcalendarday
Work Calendar Holiday cdm_workcalendarholiday
Work Calendar Holiday Line cdm_workcalendarholidayline
Work Calendar Time Interval cdm_workcalendartimeinterval (Not enabled for custom field support)
Worker Bank Account cdm_workerbankaccount

Worker setup tables

Name Table
Veteran Status cdm_veteranstatus
Ethnic Origin cdm_ethnicorigin
Reason Code cdm_reasoncode
Person Identification Issuing Agency cdm_personidentificationissuingagency

Competency tables

Name Table
Skill Type cdm_skilltype

Table relationship models



Job and Job Position

Job and Job Position.







Work Calendar

Work Calendar.

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