Streamlined employee navigation and entry

Dynamics 365 Human Resources allows efficient entry of employee and employment data. You can quickly update work history information for past, active, and future employees and contractors.

View options

You can use View options on the Worker page to select any combination of employees and contractors from a single list. These options allow you to view workers across legal entities or for the legal entity you're currently signed into. You can also view active, pending, and exited workers, and you can restrict results based on the type of worker (employee or contractor). If advanced security is enabled, you will only see those employees and contractors in the legal entities you have access to.

Columns in the list view change based on your selections. For example, when viewing exited employees, the termination date and reason codes display as additional columns in the list.

A banner displays key information for each worker. The banner for active workers displays the following columns:

  • Title
  • Department
  • Position type
  • Worker type
  • Manager
  • Legal entity

The banner for exited workers displays the following columns:

  • Exited date
  • Reason

The banner for pending employees displays the following columns:

  • Title
  • Department
  • Position type
  • Manager
  • Starting date
  • Legal entity

The action pane of the Worker page has been organized to include fewer options. Information is organized in the following categories:

  • Work
  • Person
  • Leave
  • Compensation
  • Benefits
  • Compliance

In addition, a Links tab on the Worker page gives users a central location to access all related information for a worker.

Work history

The Work history tab shows work history across all legal entities and is available for exited, active, and pending employees and contractors. You can view all work history at once for the legal entities you have access to. In addition, you can edit information for each of the work history entries without changing the data context. You can update all information directly on the page.

Position history

The Positions tab on the main worker page provides a full view of all positions held within the organization, including past, present, and any future assignments. You can navigate directly to the worker's position history in the action pane as well.