Education accelerator

Microsoft Dataverse helps customers eliminate data silos, enable powerful insights, and act on their own data. This need is nowhere more relevant than in education, where data often deals with students and their ability to navigate a complex system to reach their goals.

Microsoft is working closely with education ISV and SI partners around the world to make Microsoft Dataverse more relevant to them by shaping the roadmap for the education accelerator with them. Microsoft is dedicated to enabling partners to build and focus their efforts on vertical industries in a streamlined approach. The education accelerator provides a uniform platform for partners who wish to connect, embed, or extend Microsoft Power Platform and Microsoft Dynamics 365.

The education accelerator has the following components:

Benefits and capabilities of the education accelerator

What are the core capabilities of the education accelerator?

The education accelerator encompasses two components: education data model and sample applications. Both components include concepts for higher education (i.e. tertiary education) and K-12 education (i.e. primary and secondary education).

What are the partner benefits of using the education accelerator?

The education accelerator helps reduce costs and expedite the development of education-specific solutions for your customers. The education data model and sample applications help you integrate an educational institution's data from multiple systems to deliver holistic views of student experiences.

What customer scenarios can be addressed with the education accelerator?

The education accelerator can help improve resource allocation for student success. Solutions created with the education accelerator allow education customers to holistically visualize information and in turn improve decision-making. They also enhance engagement for all stakeholders, including parents, teachers, and students. The accelerator helps to springboard digital transformation with better use of education data in three ways: 

  • Connecting disparate systems to a single view of student data 

  • Creating more personal and more effective engagement 

  • Teaching and learning in a hybrid environment

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

This section contains answers to frequently asked questions related to the education accelerator.

What is an accelerator?

Accelerators take the unified data approach of the Power Platform a step further by expediting the development of vertical solutions that use industry-specific common data models with business logic integration. This enables customers and partners to easily build and customize industry-specific applications that can use data across Dynamics 365, Microsoft 365, and Azure.

How do I download and install the education accelerator?

The education accelerator solutions, installation guide, and other technical documentation can be downloaded for free from GitHub as part of the open-source creative license.

What are the licensing requirements for installing the education accelerator?

You must be a member of the administrator role in a developer environment, and have a valid Power Apps license to install the education accelerator. If you haven't been added to the administrator role or don't have a Power Apps license assigned to you, you can create a free, personal developer environment by accessing the Power Apps Developer Plan.

You may need additional licenses to install advanced features of the education accelerator or if you wish to connect, embed, or extend Microsoft Power Platform or Microsoft Dynamics 365. You can find pricing information for Microsoft Power Platform on the Power Apps pricing page, and pricing information for Microsoft Dynamics 365 on the Dynamics 365 pricing page. Note that education customers may qualify for substantial discounts.

Where can I find the latest release notes for the education accelerator?

The GitHub repository includes engineering deliverables, changelogs, and information about the latest releases.

Where can I find further technical information about the education accelerator?

Use the education accelerator GitHub repository to learn how to connect to, extend, build, and contribute to the accelerator.

Is there an on-premises version available for the education accelerator?

No, the education accelerator and other industry accelerators can't be installed on-premises.

Is the education accelerator localized?

The education accelerator and other industry accelerators are available in American English and use the customary system. However, the solutions are fully customizable, so you can edit the table names of the education data model, modify the user interface elements of the sample applications, and apply other localization changes as needed.

Can I connect Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central to the education accelerator?

Currently, the education accelerator and other industry accelerators don't have integration with Business Central.