Healthcare database templates with Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare

Database templates in Azure Synapse are industry-specific schema definitions that provide a quick method of creating a database known as a lake database that can accelerate building analytics-infused industry applications. They act as blueprints that provide common elements derived from best practices, government regulations, and the complex data and analytic needs of an industry-specific organization.

You can use these information blueprints to plan, architect, and design data solutions for data governance, reporting, business intelligence, and advanced analytics. The data models provide integrated business-wide information architectures that can help you implement, in a timely and predictable way, a proven industry data architecture.

The templates offer the following benefits:

  • Standardization of data: Standardized description of data and simplified integration of different data sources.
  • Pre-designed templates: Addresses a wide variety of healthcare business areas with detail.
  • Flexibility to customize and extend: Customers and partners can rapidly build analytics-infused industry use cases by customizing and extending the standard templates using the database editor in Azure Synapse.

For more information about the database templates, go to Azure Synapse database templates.

Available database templates

To start creating your lake database for Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare, you can currently choose from the following healthcare database templates in Azure Synapse Studio:

Database template Description
Healthcare Providers For organizations providing healthcare services.
Healthcare Insurance (Payor) For organizations providing insurance to cover healthcare needs.
R&D and Clinical Trials For organizations involved in research and development, and clinical trials of pharmaceutical products and devices.
Genomics For organizations engaged in acquiring and analyzing genomic data about human beings or other species.
Pharmaceuticals For organizations engaged in creating, manufacturing, and marketing pharmaceutical and bio-pharmaceutical products and medical devices.
Retail (includes Pharmacy) For sellers of consumer goods or services to customers through multiple channels.

A screenshot showing a view of the database template gallery.

For more information about how to use these templates, go to How-to: Create a lake database from database templates.

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