Configure LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator for Dynamics 365 helps you search LinkedIn for leads, contacts, accounts, and opportunities from your environment. The app also includes other features from the desktop and mobile versions of LinkedIn Sales Navigator. When you deploy LinkedIn Sales Navigator in Fundraising and Engagement, your organization can use those Sales features for more scenarios.

For more information, go to Sales Navigator Customer Hub and How to Integrate LinkedIn Sales Navigator solution for Dynamics 365 Sales.

After you install LinkedIn Sales Navigator, you need to do the following tasks:

  • Configure a CRM connection using the LinkedIn Sales Navigator Admin Portal.
  • Enable the app in your Fundraising and Engagement environment.

Configure a CRM Connection in LinkedIn Sales Navigator Admin Portal

  1. Sign in to your LinkedIn Sales Navigator account.

  2. On the top header, select Admin.

    Welcome screen of LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

  3. Under Connect to CRM, select Manage CRM sync.

    Manage CRM sync command in Connect to CRM section.

  4. On the CRM Production page, select Connect to CRM.

    Connect to CRM command.

  5. Enter the URL of your Fundraising and Engagement Dynamics Sales instance, and then select Continue.

    Dialog to enter URL for your environment.

  6. Choose the options to configure which data to share between your CRM and LinkedIn Sales Navigator. For more information on these options, go to CRM Sync & Activity Writeback for Dynamics 365 (

    Configuration options for sharing data between LinkedIn Sales Navigator and your Fundraising And Engagement environment.

  7. To add users, under Sync your licenses with CRM select Sync your licenses.

    Sync your licenses command on the Admin Settings page.

Enable LinkedIn Sales Navigator in your Fundraising and Engagement environment

  1. In your Fundraising and Engagement environment, select Settings > Business Management.

  2. Under Which features would you like to work with?, select LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

    LinkedIn Sales Navigator command on the Business Management page

  3. In the Sales Navigator Integration Settings dialog, toggle the options you want.

    Sales Navigator Integration Settings dialog

    For more information about these options, go to Integrate LinkedIn Sales Navigator solutions for Dynamics 365 Sales.

  4. Do either of these steps:

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