Work with segments in real-time marketing

Real-time marketing uses segments directly from outbound marketing and Customer Insights. You can view the segments available to you in real-time marketing by going to Audience > Segments.

Segments from outbound marketing

To create a journey based on a segment from outbound marketing:

  1. Go to Audience > Segments.
  2. Select any segment, then select +New journey in the top ribbon.

A new screen will open allowing you to use your selected segment to start your Segment-based journey.

You can also start a new journey from the segment details page.

To create a journey from the details page:

  1. Go to Audience > Segments.
  2. Select the name of any segment.
  3. From the details page, select +New journey in the top ribbon.

Create a new segment within your customer journey

You can create a new segment directly within the customer journey editor by selecting any Attribute tile, then going to Segment > Look for segment > +New segment in the right-side pane.

This will take you directly to the segment builder, where you can create and save your segment.

Screenshot of selecting the +New segment option.

Edit your segment

To edit your segment, select any segment name from the segments list. This will take you to the details view. Select Open Segment on the top ribbon. This will open the selected segment in its source builder. In the builder, select Edit to edit your segment.

You can determine the source of a segment by looking at the Source column in the segments list.

Segments created in Customer Insights

If you have a subscription to Dynamics 365 Customer Insights and have connected your instance to Dynamics 365 Marketing, segments from Customer Insights will also be available to you in real-time marketing.

Learn more: Use Customer Insights profiles and segments in real-time marketing

As shown in the following image, you can see whether a segment is a Marketing segment or a Customer Insights segment when you make a segment selection in your customer journey.

Screenshot of segment sources.

Learn more about setting up and managing a Customer Insights connection to Dynamics 365 Marketing.

Exclusion segment

To exclude a segment in your customer journey, go to the right-side pane in the journey editor and select Entry criteria. Then, go to Exclude this segment and select any segment you want to exclude.


The segments shown for exclusion are based on the entry audience entity type. For example, if the entry audience segment is based on the Contact entity, only contact-based segments will be shown.

Conditioning your customer journey based on a segment

To add a segment to a condition, select an Attribute in your customer journey, and then add a condition in the pane on the right side of the page.

Suppression segments

You can use a segment as an exit criterion for your customer journey.

To use a suppression segment, select Exit criteria in the right-side pane in the customer journey editor. Then, choose a segment under Exit by segment.

Screenshot of suppression segment selection.