Overview of Guides Analytics Power BI templates for Dynamics 365 Guides

Guides Analytics is part of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Guides application suite that includes a PC authoring app and a HoloLens app. Use Guides Analytics to analyze the usage of guides across your organization. Guides Analytics consists of Power BI templates that you can connect to your Dynamics 365 Guides session data stored securely in your Dynamics 365 environment. These reports are templates to help you get started analyzing your guide session data and can serve as inspiration as you build your own customized reports.

The Guides Analytics reports are designed to help you answer high-level questions about guides usage. For example, use the Guides Usage report to answer the following questions:

  • How many guides have been used to date?

  • Is the number of times a guide is operated per day increasing, decreasing, or remaining stable over time?

  • Which guides take the most time to complete?

  • Are operators completing the guide or only going through half the steps?

Guides Usage report.

You can also use Guides Analytics to drill into detailed time-tracking information at the task and step levels. For example, use the Process Time-Tracking report to answer the following questions:

  • Which step of a guide takes the most time?

  • Which step of a guide has the most variability in operator time?

  • Is the amount of operation time equally distributed between tasks?

Process Time Tracking report.

These reports provide information about operator adoption and usage and give guide authors a data-driven way to improve their guides. For example, an author could focus their editing efforts on steps that take a long time to execute or show a high degree of variability among operators. These reports are also valuable in training scenarios for both trainers and trainees to better understand performance and improvement over time.

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