Overview of operating a guide in Dynamics 365 Guides

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Welcome to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Guides! This set of topics is designed to help operators learn how to use holographic guides that are created with Dynamics 365 Guides. The topics describe everything that you, as the operator, must know about the Dynamics 365 Guides user interface (UI). They also explain how to perform tasks in real-world environments, such as a busy factory floor. If you're like other first-line workers in this type of environment, your hands are probably full of tools and parts as you do your work. Dynamics 365 Guides helps you keep your head up and your tools in your hands as you follow step-by-step holographic instructions to accomplish your tasks.

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If you're a Dynamics 365 Guides admin, you can assign a role so that operators can view guides but can't edit them. For more information, see Assign an Author or Operator role to a user.

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