Device and licensing requirements for Dynamics 365 Guides

The following table lists technical requirements for deploying and using Dynamics 365 Guides throughout your organization.


Dynamics 365 Guides might not be available in your country. For more information, see Dynamics 365 Guides availability and Geographical availability for Power Apps (filter the view by Dynamics 365 > Operations Apps, and then scroll the table to see Dynamics 365 Guides availability).

Device requirements

Device Platform Operating system requirements Details
Microsoft HoloLens x86, ARM Build 10.0.17134 or later.

HoloLens build 10.0.17134 is the earliest build that supports Dynamics 365 Guides. We recommend that you update HoloLens to newer versions when they become available.

For information about how to use Windows Update for Business, Mobile Device Management, and Windows Server Update Services (WSUS), see Manage updates to HoloLens.

Note: HoloLens includes the Microsoft Edge browser. You can't use Internet Explorer with HoloLens.

A computer (PC) that is running Windows 10 (required to create guides) x64 A PC that runs Windows 10 with build 10.0.17763 (October 2018 Update 1809) or later.

Minimum resolution. Dynamics 365 Guides supports a minimum effective resolution of 800 x 600 pixels before information loss.
A PC that runs Windows 10 is used to create and edit guides that will then be available on HoloLens.

Requirements for services, apps, and features

The following table lists product requirements for services, apps, and features related to Dynamics 365 Guides.

Service, app, or feature Product required Learn more
Purchase a Dynamics 365 Guides subscription and assign licenses Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) account

You'll need an Azure AD account for each licensed user so they can sign in to the app.
Get started with Azure AD
PC authoring app and HoloLens app Dynamics 365 Guides Buy and deploy Dynamics 365 Guides


Sign up for a free trial subscription

Microsoft Dataverse and Power Apps service Dynamics 365 Guides (included with subscription) Buy and deploy Dynamics 365 Guides
Outbound calling/Teams collaboration from Dynamics 365 Guides Microsoft Teams or Dynamics 365 Remote Assist

A Microsoft Teams license is not included with a Dynamics 365 Guides license. A Microsoft Teams license is included with a Dynamics 365 Remote Assist license.

Learn more about calling from Dynamics 365 Guides
Analytics dashboard Power BI Desktop app (available as a free download).

Learn more about Power BI
Access your calendar and see scheduled meetings to join Exchange Online Learn more about Exchange Online
Access and share OneDrive for Business files OneDrive for Business Learn more about OneDrive

Calling features

You must have a Microsoft Teams license to use the calling features in Dynamics 365 Guides. This section describes specific Microsoft Teams requirements and describes limitations for calling features.

Microsoft Teams requirements

Device OS requirement Details
Microsoft Teams app on Windows 10 PC Any Windows 10 build A Windows 10 PC running the Teams PC application can collaborate with a Dynamics 365 Guides user on HoloLens 2.
Microsoft Teams app on a mobile device Any iOS or Android phone or tablet running Microsoft Teams A phone or tablet running the Microsoft Teams mobile app can collaborate with a Dynamics 365 Guides user on HoloLens 2.

The Microsoft Teams user can be in the same organization as the Dynamics 365 Guides user, in a federated organization, or a guest in the organization.


Dynamics 365 Guides does not support:

Dynamics 365 Guides does not include a Calls dashboard like Dynamics 365 Remote Assist, but you can view call data with the Guides model-driven app.

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