Expense entry (lite)

Applies to: Lite deployment - deal to proforma invoicing

Basic, or lite, expense management is the capability to record simple expenses. You can record expenses against a project, and then the project approver will review and approve them.

For more information about expense capabilities in Dynamics 365 Project Operations, see Expense overview.

Capture a basic expense

You can capture your expenses so that you can submit them to the approver.

  1. Go to Expenses, and select New.
  2. On the New Expense page, enter the required expense information, and then select Save.

Submit a basic expense

After you've finished capturing all your expenses, and you're ready to have them approved, you must submit them.

  1. Go to Expenses, and select an expense. Or, select all the expenses by using the check box on the header.
  2. Select Submit. The system processes the selected entries and then creates expense approval requests.

Add an attachment

You may have to provide the approver with additional documentation about your expense. You can attach a receipt in the timeline of the expense entry. Select Edit and in the Timeline section, and then select the paperclip icon to attach your receipt.

Recall a basic expense

When you submit an expense by mistake, you can recall it. The time that is required to recall an expense entry depends on its approval stage. If the approver hasn't yet approved the entry, the recall can occur immediately. However, if the entry has already been approved, the approver is asked to approve the recall and reverse the transactions.

  1. Go to Expenses, and then, in the list of expenses, select the expense to recall.
  2. Select Recall. If the expense entry hasn't yet been approved, the system immediately recalls it. If the expense entry has already been approved, a recall request is created to notify the approver that you want to reverse the expense. The approver will then confirm that the reversal can be done, and the entry will be returned.

Delete a basic expense

Expenses that haven't yet been submitted can be deleted. To delete an expense that has already been submitted, you must first recall it.

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