What's new July 2022 - Project Operations lite deployment

Applies To: Lite deployment - deal to proforma invoicing

This article applies to the following components and versions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Operations:

  • Project Operations in a Dataverse environment version

Quality updates

Feature area Reference number Quality update
Deployment and Configuration 2761472 A Project Operations installation error is handled.
Billing and Pricing 2746940 The subcontract line name should have a maximum length of 100 characters.
Billing and Pricing 2739162 Customers must be able to see ribbon buttons in the actuals grid view.
Project Planning and Tracking 2730318 Updated validation for unsupported characters in the project subject.
Billing and Pricing 2705361 Milestone billed sales actuals must be included in project tracking fields.
Billing and Pricing 2675880 Prevent a project from being linked to a contract line that isn't work-based.
Billing and Pricing 2664396 If a quote price list is saved without a quote, there must be an error that states that the quote can't be empty.
Billing and Pricing 2184019 The Task Based Billing tab should not be shown for projects that have no backing contract or quote.
Time and Expense 2754459 When recurrent scheduling cloud flow is inactive, show banner and bypass async processing.
Billing and Pricing 2724391 Wrong exception is thrown when project contract split billing rule is missing a customer value.
Billing and Pricing 2708638 Record was not found while searching using grid search in Material Usages and Approvals for Material Usages.
Billing and Pricing 2686977 Prevent validation for invoice line during invoice creation.
Billing and Pricing 2683032 Copying of chargeable roles and categories does not scale beyond 5000 records.
Billing and Pricing 2673363 Cost Consumption % on Project is corrupted when both Effort and Expense estimates and actuals exists for a project.