Resource management key concepts

Applies To: Project Operations for resource/non-stocked based scenarios, Lite deployment - deal to proforma invoicing

Resources are the most important asset of a service-based organization. The ability to find the right resources at the right time, book those resources on projects and keep them utilized, helps the organization meet revenue targets and customer satisfaction goals. You can use the project resourcing functionality in Dynamics 365 Project Operations to do the following tasks:

  • Form project teams by booking available and qualified resources.
  • Create generic team member records and define their roles and resource organization unit.
  • Generate resource requirements for generic team members from their task assignments.
  • Match skills by identifying the skills defined on the resource demand against available resource skills.
  • Substitute resources.
  • Align project schedule assignments and resource bookings.
  • Reconcile differences in bookings and assignments.
  • Change resource bookings in response to out-of-office status.
  • Collaborate between project managers and resource managers.
  • View the history of resource utilization against a target, including a breakdown of how the resources' time was utilized.
  • Maintain a skills and proficiency repository.

You can staff your project with a team of generic or named resources in Project Operations. You can use various methods to add and assign team members and to manage their bookings and assignments.