Manage project opportunities

Applies To: Project Operations for resource/non-stocked based scenarios, Lite deployment - deal to proforma invoicing

Project-based companies typically have their operations for delivery spread across multiple countries and geographies. The cost of the project execution and delivery can vary based on which geography or division manages the delivery. In turn, this can impact the margins of the deal. Delivery of project-based services typically involves large quantities of human resource time, considerable expenses for travel, material costs, and other expenses.

Project-based opportunities in Dynamics 365 Project Operations are designed with extensions to Dynamics 365 Sales. The article provides details about the different fields and business logic included in the additional functionality that is required by project-based companies to manage project-based opportunities.

View all project-based opportunities

A list of all the project-based opportunities can be seen from the Opportunity list page.

  1. Go to Sales > Opportunities.
  2. Use the View switcher to select other filtered views of the opportunities. You can create your own views with custom filter criteria to configure these views and navigation options.

Project Opportunities can be created or deleted from this list page or the detail page.

Business process flow for project-based deals

The following business process flows are supported for project-based deals in Project Operations:

  • Lead to Opportunity business process
  • Opportunity sales process

Lead to opportunity business process

The lead to opportunity business process supports the following stages:

Stage Mapped entity Functionality
Qualify Lead Qualify the lead to create an account, contact, and an opportunity.
Develop Opportunity Develop the opportunity to add more information on the work involved, key stakeholders, and competition.
Propose Opportunity Develop the proposal and get approval from the internal review team.
Close Opportunity Win the opportunity to close the deal.

Opportunity sales process

The Opportunity sales process in Project Operations is an extension to the Opportunity sales process business flow in the Sales application. This business process is designed out-of-the-box to support the following stages in a project-based opportunity.

Stage Mapped entity Functionality
Qualify Opportunity Qualify the lead to create an account, contact, and an opportunity.
Propose Quote Develop the proposal using project quotes and get approval from the internal review team.
Contract Project Contract Win the quote to create the contract and begin execution and delivery on the project.
Close Project Contract Finish the work successfully and close the project contract.


If your project-based deal started with a Lead, the Lead to Opportunity business process takes precedence.

If your project-based deal started with an Opportunity, the Opportunity sales process takes precedence.

You can edit the product business process flow or create your own business process flows to track your sales process as needed. For more information about the business process flow, see Business process flows overview.