Calculate available-to-promise for up to three months


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Business value

Sales demand can be fulfilled either by on-hand stock, stock that is purchased, or stock that is under production. Visibility into your inbound inventory is equally important as visibility into your on-hand stock. To commit to your customers’ sales demands and confirm order shipment dates, you need fast and accurate availability-to-promise (ATP) validation on projected stock levels. Moreover, a much longer ATP time fence visibility helps you to track slow goods movements during supply chain disruptions and contributes to your supply chain resiliency.

Feature details

The maximum time fence for the Inventory Visibility Add-in available-to-promise (ATP) feature has been extended from seven days to a full three months. This significantly increases visibility into your future inventory statuses and order-promising capacity.

ATP lets you check inventory for a specified future day or check for the next available dates for products. This is especially useful to support sales inquiries and to calculate shipment dates. The extended time fence allows you to view your projected inventory availability longer into the future, which will help you identify potential supply risks sooner. Moreover, a long ATP time fence lays the foundation for optimizing order fulfillment. With the longer time fence, your order system can match a sales order that doesn't require urgent shipment with an inbound purchase order that has a scheduled delivery in the future, which lets you save existing on-hand stock for more critical orders.

Inventory Visibility

Inventory Visibility provides an independent and highly scalable microservice that enables real-time, on-hand inventory change postings and visibility tracking across all your data sources and channels. For more information about Inventory Visibility, see the Inventory Visibility Add-in overview.