Prioritize the best leads and empower sellers with the new lead scoring builder


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Admins, makers, marketers, or analysts, automatically - - Jul 2023

Business value

To maximize return on investment from marketing activities, it is essential to identify the best prospects at the right moment when they're ready to engage with your sales team. With real-time marketing, you can use a new simple but powerful lead scoring builder to define your scoring criteria and model more efficiently.

Prioritize the most engaged leads from companies that match your ideal customer profile using engagement and profile-based scoring. Define qualification criteria and post-qualification actions to grow your pipeline while ensuring that each qualified lead receives attention from your sales teams. With proper scoring and qualification criteria, you can prioritize the best leads and empower the sales team to spend more time winning deals and less time chasing lukewarm opportunities.

Feature details

  • Use the easy-to-use lead score builder to start quickly and update or optimize the model continuously.
  • Create lead scoring models with not only behavioral but also demographic or firmographic conditions.
  • Evaluate your scoring model outputs and performance using a new set of enhanced insights.
  • Define lead qualification criteria and post-qualification actions.


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