Scale your business effortlessly and define access to marketing assets


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Business value

Improve productivity by defining marketing asset access and visibility to match your business structure.

As businesses create vast amounts of assets, organizing data according to an organizational structure becomes critical for compliance and productivity purposes. Now in real-time marketing, you can effortlessly organize your digital assets, content, and journeys to match your organizational structure by separating business and customer data across organizational boundaries. Separating data enables you to gain comprehensive insights into a specific brand's marketing performance without losing sight of the bigger picture. Compliance risk is reduced by using out-of-the-box campaigns and data segregation capabilities across your organization.

Feature details

  • Organize marketing journeys, digital assets, content, and customer preferences to support your multibrand business unit strategy needs.
  • Reduce compliance risk by using out-of-the-box campaigns and data segregation capabilities across organizational boundaries instead of relying on processes and people.
  • Review marketing analytics at individual brand, region, and organization levels.
  • Built on top of modernized business units (Microsoft Dataverse) to ensure a no-cliff experience across your Dynamics 365 applications.

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