Access actions and navigation menu efficiently with keyboard


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Enabled for Public preview General availability
Users, automatically Feb 2023 Apr 2023

Business value

Organizations are looking to streamline their operations through AI, automation, and empowering workers with productivity tools. When time to enter data is critical, every keystroke and mouse click counts. Business Central adopts the familiar experience from Microsoft 365 applications, such as Excel and Word, to boost efficiency for keyboard users. Access keys with key tips help users quickly explore, navigate, and activate any action in the action bar, navigation menus, and other user interface (UI) elements.

Feature details

When pressing the Alt key in the Business Central web client, the following features become available:

  • Key tips are revealed alongside UI elements that indicate the next keystroke.
  • Sequences of keystrokes can be used to navigate the user interface and activate UI elements, without leaving your current focused element.
  • Actions become reachable, regardless of whether they are assigned a specific shortcut key.
  • Access keys will be available for actions in the action bar and links in the navigation menu for users who experience Business Central in English.

An illustration of key tips displayed on a Sales Invoice page.

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