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Business value

When integrating with Dynamics 365 Sales or just Dataverse in environments where there's a central deployment of Dynamics 365 Sales or Dataverse serving multiple markets, it's important that the integration to Business Central can accommodate differences in local and base transaction currencies. Integration ensures seamless data exchange and accurate financial reporting, reducing the risk of errors and discrepancies.

Feature details

You can connect to a Dataverse environment that has a different base currency than the local currency in Business Central. You make the connection in Business Central on the Dataverse Connection Setup page or by using the Set up connection to Dataverse assisted setup guide.

To be able to connect, ensure that the base transaction currency setting in Dataverse has the currency code that's set on the Currencies page in Business Central, and at least one exchange rate is specified for the currency on the Currency Exchange Rates page.

Here's an example. You're connecting Business Central with Euro (EUR) set as local currency on the General Ledger Setup page to a Dataverse environment that has a base transaction currency set to US dollar (USD). You'll need to have USD on the Currencies page in Business Central and the appropriate exchange rate.

When you enable the connection to Dataverse, Business Central adds it's local currency to the Currency entity in Dataverse with the exchange rate from the Currency Factor field on the Currency Exchange Rates page.

Because currency synchronization is unidirectional (from Business Central to Dataverse), monetary amounts convert and synchronize as follows:

  • If in the Dataverse base currency, amounts convert to the Business Central local currency based on the latest exchange rate synchronized from Business Central.
  • If in the Business Central currency, amounts synchronize with the Business Central local currency in one of the additional (inserted - non-base) currencies in Dataverse.

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