Get unblocked using actionable error messages in select application areas


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Enabled for Public preview General availability
Users, automatically Apr 2023 May 2023

Business value

To help you resolve issues when working with Business Central, we've added actions to error messages. Making error messages more user friendly helps build trust in Business Central and saves time by making it easier to correct issues.

Feature details

Error messages can get in the way of completing a task. For example, if the task you're performing requires a setting that's missing on another page. Sometimes the fix is easy, but not obvious. To help you get unblocked and back to work, we've updated our messages for typical issues:

  • Improved the information and guidance that error messages provide so that it's easier to understand what went wrong.

  • Replaced expandable advanced troubleshooting information with a Copy details link to make error dialogs less alarming to end users while maintaining the level of detail needed for advanced troubleshooting.

    Shows new Copy details link in error dialog that allows users to copy troubleshooting information.

  • Added actions that can make it easy to go to the problem and fix it yourself.

Shows actionable error dialog with action and title.

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