Intercompany posting provides a one-stop-shop setup experience


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Users, automatically Mar 1, 2023 Apr 1, 2023

Business value

Intercompany posting lets you manage accounting activities for a group of companies. Setting up the workflows and relationships between the companies can be complicated, so to make it easier to get started we've consolidated the various steps into a single page. Plus, we've added a validation that helps you find things you might have missed in your setup.

Feature details

Intercompany posting has a new Intercompany Setup page that gives you an improved overview of your setup, and gives you fast access to various setup and task pages. In the online version of Business Central, you can validate your intercompany posting setup to determine whether you've missed any settings across partner companies.

We've improved intercompany posting in the following ways:

  • Manage your intercompany setup on one page that includes intercompany partners, an intercompany chart of accounts, and intercompany dimensions.
  • Handle bank transactions on the IC General Journals page.
  • IC general journals are included on the G/L Register page.
  • The experience when working with the intercompany inbox and outbox is smoother, and the Handled Inbox now lets you open documents.
  • Role Center cues are added to give an overview.

New Business Central customers can search for Intercompany Setup to find the new setup page. Existing customers with upgraded tenants can turn on Feature Update: Automatically accept intercompany general journal transactions on the Feature Management page to make the page available.

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