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Users, automatically Mar 2023 Apr 2023

Business value

During the process of closing a period it's often necessary to go through all transactions for a G/L account to ensure they're correct. The G/L Review action makes the review process faster and easier.

Feature details

To speed up the period-end process of reviewing and reconciling G/L accounts, you can review the G/L entries for a given G/L account and mark the entries as Reviewed.

On the General Ledger Entries page, use the G/L Review action to review the entries. If you're upgrading or have migrated a large number of G/L entries, you can limit the number of entries to review. On the General Ledger Setup page, specify the date from which to show entries in the G/L Reviewed Date field. Entries before that date are considered as already reviewed. If you have a small number of old G/L entries that you don't need to review, you can run the Set old G/L entries to reviewed background job to mark them as reviewed in bulk.

The G/L Review action doesn't require double-entry bookkeeping to review all entries for a given transaction, which makes it a flexible capability. You can also remove the review setting if you've made a mistake.


To use the feature you must be assigned to the D365 GL REVIEW permission set.

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