Close opportunities effortlessly by prepopulating attributes

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Users, automatically - - Feb 2, 2024

Business value

When your proposal is accepted, it calls for a celebration, and we make sure that you swiftly transition from success to closure. But even if they decline, the show must go on.

This enhancement streamlines your opportunity closing process. It takes the burden of manual data entry off your shoulders by automatically filling the Opportunity close form with the pertinent opportunity attributes. This means that less time is spent on manual data entry, ensuring your focus remains on nurturing relationships and growing your business.

Feature details

As an admin, you can:

  • Map attributes in the Opportunity close form with the columns in the Opportunity table so that the attributes are prepopulated appropriately.

As a seller, you can:

  • See that the Opportunity close form is automatically prepopulated with information on the corresponding opportunity record, making the closure process smooth and error-free.
  • Fill in the Competitor field when closing the opportunity as 'Won'.

Competitor field unlocked when closing an Opportunity as Won

Mapping between Opportunity and Opportunity Close

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