Navigate to new records faster with sales accelerator form load updates

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Users, automatically - Jul 31, 2023 Oct 2, 2023

Business value

As a seller, efficient worklist management and seamless record navigation are crucial. With our latest update, we have focused on improving these aspects by reducing form loading time by around 40 percent and enhancing the overall navigation experience. This means that sellers will be able to move through their actions quickly and smoothly, enabling them to spend more time with customers and less time on system navigation. If you're a seller looking to prioritize your worklist and streamline your workflow, our updated experience is designed to help you achieve that.

Feature details

When a seller selects sales accelerator and navigates across worklist items, the overall application performance should be easy and quick to move through. As a part of this capability, the underlying entity record form loading and navigation model will be upgraded to reduce the loading time within Sales Accelerator Workspace.

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