Caller ID number support for outbound calls

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Users by admins, makers, or analysts - - Oct 31, 2023

Business value

Use of caller IDs for names and numbers is a standard way to be recognized as a legitimate caller for customers. In privacy-sensitive areas, supporting anonymous calling is critical.

Feature details

Organizations are recommended to configure an outbound caller ID. If caller ID isn't configured, PSTN carriers might consider the outbound calls as fraudulent activity, and may drop them. Outbound caller ID configuration is also required to be compliant with laws in regions such as Australia and Europe. Also, the support of anonymous calling can be business-critical in privacy-sensitive areas.

The outbound caller ID, company name, and numbers are displayed to customers in the following scenarios:

  • During customer callbacks.
  • If an agent makes an outbound call.
  • If an agent transfers a call, for example, to an external number.