View skills and proficiency in Omnichannel real-time analytics reports

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Users by admins, makers, or analysts - - Oct 31, 2023

Business value

Monitoring ongoing conversations and taking actions like assigning and transferring conversations, based on the availability of an agent without knowing their skills and skill level, can lead to suboptimal customer support experience. With the skills filter, you can monitor skills that are integral to work distribution.

Feature details

As a supervisor, you'll be able to:

  • Filter existing summary, agent, voice, and ongoing conversations by skills.
  • Drill down on available metrics, such as average handle time, wait time, agent availability, and so on for specific skills.
  • Understand agent's skill from the agent report and skills required for a conversation from ongoing conversation reports, respectively, by hovering over the respective rows.
  • View proficiency (or skill level) in the data model for use in visual customization.

Skill filter in agent page

Skill filter in ongoing conversation page, with hover experience

Skill filter in summary page

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