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Business value

Over time, you might have some item variants that you no longer need. Business Central won't allow you to delete the unneeded variants, but you can block them from being chosen on sales or purchase lines, and you can block them from being posted in transactions.

Feature details

The following table describes the new toggles we've added to the Item Variant page.

Item Variants

Option Description
Sales Blocked You can't choose the item variant on a sales document or in a sales item journal.
Purchasing Blocked You can't choose the item variant on a purchase document, in a purchase item journal, or in purchase planning processes.
Blocked You can't include the item variant in transactions.


Blocked items can be returned. The settings above don't apply to return orders or credit memos.

When you use the Copy from Document action to create new documents based on existing documents, you're notified if items or item variants on the source document lines are blocked. The blocked document lines are excluded from the new document, and a notification shows an overview of all document lines that are blocked in the source document.

We've also added an Item Variant Card page. The total number of fields in the standard product isn't overwhelming and you can continue to edit variants in the list, but some partner solutions extend this table dramatically. Those solutions will benefit from having a place where they can add new elements in a structured way.

Item Variant card

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