Call Microsoft Graph with AL Microsoft Graph module

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Business value

The AL Microsoft Graph module contains methods to support calling Microsoft Graph with just a few lines of code.

Feature details

The AL Microsoft Graph module contains methods to support the following scenarios:

  • Create Microsoft Graph authorization
  • Initialize the Microsoft Graph Client
  • Process GET,PATCH,POST,DELETE requests with Microsoft Graph

Here are some examples that use the Microsoft Graph module.

> //Create Microsoft Graph Authorization
> MicrosoftGraphAuthorization := MicrosoftGraphAuth.CreateAuthorizationWithClientCredentials(TenantId, ClientId, ClientSecret, '');
> //Initialize Microsoft Graph Client
> MicrosoftGraphClient.Initialize(Enum::"Microsoft Graph API Version"::"v1.0", MicrosoftGraphAuthorization);
> ResponseInStream := TempBlob.CreateInStream();
> //Create Microsoft Graph GET,PATCH,POST,DELETE
> if not MicrosoftGraphClient.Get('groups', ResponseInStream) then
> 		Error(MicrosoftGraphClient.GetDiagnostics().GetResponseReasonPhrase());
> ResponseInStream.Read(ResponseContent);
> Message(ResponseContent);


We'd like to thank our community for making this valuable contribution through our System Application open-source repo on GitHub

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