Consolidate financial information across environments in multicompany setups

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Business value

You can consolidate financial data for companies that have different Business Central environments without having to handle files.

Feature details

Some organizations use Business Central in multiple business units or legal entities. Others use Business Central in subsidiaries that must report into parent organizations. In some situations, the units, entities, or subsidiaries don't use the same Business Central environment. For example, a subsidiary company might be in a different geography than the consolidated company.

To enable your accountant to consolidate financial data for entities without having to handle files, on the Business Unit Card page, on the Data Import FastTab, you can add the API endpoint of the business unit's enviroments. You can find the endpoint in that company on the Consolidation Setup page. You'll be prompted to sign in to that company. After you sign in, you have added a business unit that you can consolidate. You can use all features for consolidating financial data across different Business Central environments.

The Consolidation Setup page with API endpoint info and toggle to enable use in consolidations

The new Data Import FastTab on the Business Unit card

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