Use drop shipments for triangular Intrastat trade

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Business value

Businesses that ship goods directly from a vendor in another EU country to a customer in a third EU country can exclude those transactions from their Intrastat reports, which makes the reports more accurate.

Feature details

Triangular trade involves trade between companies located in three countries or regions where goods bypass the reporting company's country. In Business Central, you can use drop shipments to handle triangular trade. To use drop shipments, you must turn on the Include Drop Shipment toggle on the Intrastat Report Setup page.

Shows the Intrastat Report Setup page with Include Drop Shipment field.

This feature allows for scenarios where a company orders goods from one EU country and drop ships the goods directly to another EU country, without importing the goods into its own country. In such cases, the Intrastat Report will exclude these transactions because the goods were directly delivered between two other EU countries. The calculation is based on the following information from the item ledger entries:

  • Entries are marked as Drop Shipment.
  • The Country/Region Code is different than the Country/Region Code on the Company Information page.

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